Language Harvesting

We are proud of our distinguished services that we provide in order to provide the utmost satisfaction, which was and still is the reason for our continuation and development and to maintain our leadership

Language Harvest Foundation is an institution that provides admission services at British universities and institutes to learn the English language and provide all training programs for individuals and institutions established in 2017 under the name of the agency to teach the language abroad.


Providing a distinctive learning environment for learning English and university studies to contribute to the development of society and spreading a culture of creativity to reach excellence and exclusivity at the academic and ethical level.


Providing competitive and advanced services within a fertile environment characterized by professional responsibility and effective local and international partnerships.



  • Loyalty and institutional affiliation

  • perfection and quality

  • work as one team spirit

  • Originality and Creativity

  • sense of responsibility

Our services

Language acceptance

Enroll students in accredited language institutes with complete information on language tests, social trips, and more.

University admission

Explain the requirements for obtaining university admission (conditional or final) and advise on ways to increase the chances of obtaining admission to universities according to qualifications, work experience and others.

general idea

Providing a general idea about the nature of the people, customs and traditions, costs of living, laws and regulations, and many others.

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